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Education Fire Safety—Your Checklist

We understand that caring for your students doesn’t just stop with their education and learning. Protecting them from fire and the dangers that it brings is a high priority for all establishments. In the 12 months leading to April 2019, there were 582 fires across Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities. To make fire safety a […]

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Care Home Fire Safety – Your Checklist

Sadly, fire safety can be matter of life and death especially when there are vulnerable occupants concerned – such as the residents of care homes. Far to often we hear of care homes breaching fire regulations.  Already this year,  we have released 3 care home articles. Aswell as an article from the London Fire brigade reporting […]

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Summer Time Fire Quiz

Summer is here and as the weather heats up we hope you’re looking forward to a weekend in the sun. Barbeques at the ready, drinks flowing and maybe even a swim to cool off. As temperatures rise we wanted to give you our Summer Time Fire Quiz! Pass it around the office and see who […]

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Development in Emergency Lighting 2019: All you need to know.

The FIA has announced technical updates to the BS 5266-1, Emergency Lighting to include “Safety Lighting” and “Dynamic Safety Signage Systems.” “Safety Lighting” What is it? Safety Lighting is used to protect occupants who stay within a building during a supply failure. This ensures that the areas occupied are safe for the activities to be […]

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Battery Causes Fire at Rotherham Recycling Plant

In March 2019, Fire crews, Police, Environment Agency and Utilities were all called to Universal Recycling, Rotherham after smoke was seen shooting up into the sky at 9.40AM. South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue confirmed that 30 firefighters attended the incident which lasted around 3 hours before it was extinguished. Two crews then stayed on site […]

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Top 5 tips—Reduce your risk

We understand your schedules are busy protecting your people, property and patients. We want to help! Here are our top tips to reduce the risk of a fire at your premises   1.Check that your Fire Risk Assessment is up to date Your Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed every year and replaced every three […]

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Spring Time Security: Your Top 5 Tips

After a winter that has cloaked the UK for what seems like a lot longer than usual, spring has finally shown its colours and the sun is shining. As the seasons change, it may also be a good time to review your businesses security systems. We have put together our top 5 tips to ensure […]

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