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Top 5 Causes of Fire Within Manufacturing

Did you know there were over 2,000 fires in Industrial premises in the UK in the 12 months leading to April 2019? This includes over 1,900 accidental fires. 2 fatalities and 137 nonfatal casualties.   Assured want to help, here are the top 5 causes of fire within manufacturing plants 1. Equipment and Machinery All […]

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Is a Fire Suppression System Right For Your Business?

A fire Suppression system suppresses a fire through releasing an agent. Once a fire has been detected, by either the manual or automatic detection, a notification is sent to the panel which in turn releases the agent. Fire Suppression systems are being installed to protect all industries across the UK from Restaurants and Bakeries to […]

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Fire rips through multiple businesses

A devastating fire occurred on Darnley Street, Old Trafford, Manchester in the early hours of Friday 8th February 2019. The fire affected a number of businesses; a carpet warehouse, garage and a car parts firm have all been destroyed. Local police advised residents to keep their windows and doors shut however a local care home […]

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