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Dinnington Fire Releases Toxic Fumes

Dinnington Fire: An industrial unit containing plastics was subject to flames, late on Tuesday evening in Dinnington, South Yorkshire. Plumes of black smoke clouds rolled across the sky from the Dinnington fire as toxic fumes filled the air. The fire broke out at a 40m by 50m industrial unit, at around 5.30pm on Tuesday 23rd […]

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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The maintenance of fire extinguishers and all other fire protection equipment is paramount. Why? Failure of Function. Fire extinguisher maintenance is absolutely imperative, even the smallest of components such as the safety pin! If your safety pin is corroded you may not be able to pull it out in the event of a fire. Therefore, […]

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Construction Industry Plant Hire Fire

On Monday 29th March, a construction industry plant hire business was subject to a huge blaze.  The effect of the fire resulted in a power cut to the local Barrhead region. The fire brigade was called to Leggat Plant Limited, a construction industry hiring business just before 5:00 am, the Monday morning. The company had […]

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Hostel Fire Leaves Homeless in a Dilemma

A £2million hostel was subject to fire, smoke and water damage after an incident which occurred on February 14th. The blaze occurred last month at the Leonard Stocks Centre on Factory Row, Devon. The hostel fire began at around 8:30 pm, resulting in uncertainty for homeless residents, who subsequently had to be rehomed. Around 40 hostel […]

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