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Huge Blaze at London City Centre Restaurant

A major fire broke out at a restaurant in Soho, London after a wok was left unattended on Friday 20th September. 80 firefighters from Soho, Euston, Lambeth, and Paddington battled the blaze. The third floor of the four story building was destroyed. Parts of the first and second floors were also on fire, as well […]

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5 Reasons Why Hotels Should Install A Sprinkler System

  Did you know the 12 months leading to April 2019 there were 613 fires affecting hotels? These included 103 deliberate fires, 60 non-fatal casualties and 1 fatality. There is a growing reliance on automatic fire detection systems being included in any new fire safety plan, however this can often be poorly designed or installed […]

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The 5 Main Types of Fire Suppression

We know from experience that choosing the correct fire suppression system for your organisation can be a bit of a minefield. It is important to understand the different systems and which type of system is required to protect your specific high risk area. This is why we have put together our brief guide, outlining the […]

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Is a Fire Suppression System Right For Your Business?

A fire Suppression system suppresses a fire through releasing an agent. Once a fire has been detected, by either the manual or automatic detection, a notification is sent to the panel which in turn releases the agent. Fire Suppression systems are being installed to protect all industries across the UK from Restaurants and Bakeries to […]

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Restaurant Fire Safety

Restaurant fire safety and keeping your staff safe from fire. According to the London fire brigade, the majority (25%) of restaurant and takeaway fires, are caused by their own kitchen appliances, followed closely by their cookers (23%). Therefore, how can you improve on your restaurant fire safety, what can you do to protect your restaurant […]

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York Star Inn the City Restaurant Fire

On Friday 9 November, Star Inn the City, located in the picturesque botanical Museum Gardens had a restaurant fire. Firefighters were called to serious restaurant fire in the early hours of the morning. There were more than just stars lighting up the sky on Friday. Located in a converted engine house on the scenic banks […]

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