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Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Extinguisher Types Extinguisher types are specified for the fire classifications that are best used on them. So, what’s what when it comes to Fire Extinguishers? Water Most commonly used type of extinguisher, used on Class A fires such as wood, paper, cloth or textiles. NOT to be used on flammable fluids or cooking fats. […]

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World Duty Free Switches to Assured for a Scheduled Arrival!

World Duty Free World Duty Free depend on Assured for a scheduled arrival, without delays! The World Duty Free (WDF) Group, founded in 1997 operates over 550 stores and duty-free shops across the globe. Being the UK’s leading travel retailer, they offer ‘the ultimate airport shopping experience’, playing host to a large selection of world-renowned […]

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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

The maintenance of fire extinguishers and all other fire protection equipment is paramount. Why? Failure of Function. Fire extinguisher maintenance is absolutely imperative, even the smallest of components such as the safety pin! If your safety pin is corroded you may not be able to pull it out in the event of a fire. Therefore, […]

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