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THINK – a False Alarm can Cost a LIFE

Did you know… Of all fire alarm call-outs, false alarm call-outs make up one-third of them! In 2013, 403 London premises had false alarms occur ten times or more in that year alone. With false alarm call-outs still being a strain on resources today, the authorities have been considering introducing fines for repeat offenders. The […]

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Keep your care homes compliant!

Care homes are places of care for vulnerable people, a place of protection and safety. Therefore, this means residents should be safeguarded from the potential risks of fires. Fires can claim lives and elderly people living in care homes are even more susceptible. So make sure your care homes are fire safe and don’t run […]

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Do I need a Fire Alarm System?

Do I need a Fire Alarm System? – One of the top questions asked when it comes to fire safety in the workplace or residential dwelling. Read on to find out if your premises needs a Fire Alarm System! All UK companies must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO). This therefore means, […]

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