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Education Fire Safety—Your Checklist

We understand that caring for your students doesn’t just stop with their education and learning. Protecting them from fire and the dangers that it brings is a high priority for all establishments. In the 12 months leading to April 2019, there were 582 fires across Nurseries, Schools, Colleges and Universities. To make fire safety a […]

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Top 5 tips—Reduce your risk

We understand your schedules are busy protecting your people, property and patients. We want to help! Here are our top tips to reduce the risk of a fire at your premises   1.Check that your Fire Risk Assessment is up to date Your Fire Risk Assessment should be reviewed every year and replaced every three […]

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Fire Extinguisher Types

Fire Extinguisher Types Extinguisher types are specified for the fire classifications that are best used on them. So, what’s what when it comes to Fire Extinguishers? Water Most commonly used type of extinguisher, used on Class A fires such as wood, paper, cloth or textiles. NOT to be used on flammable fluids or cooking fats. […]

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Fire Classifications for your Fire Extinguishers

  Fire Classifications Fires are classified into groups that correspond with the types of extinguishers best used on them. The types of fire have been classified into six categories: Fire Classifications: Class A Fires involving combustible materials such as paper, wood, and fabrics Class B Fires involving flammable liquids such as petrol and paint Class […]

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