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Fire Hazards in Commercial Kitchens

Commercial kitchens are not limited to just restaurants, it’s not uncommon for Care Homes, Hotels, Offices, retail units, Hospitals and other industries to have kitchens within their properties. In restaurants alone, kitchen appliances account for 25% of all fires and cookers amount to 23% of fires. We want to help, here are our top five […]

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York Star Inn the City Restaurant Fire

On Friday 9 November, Star Inn the City, located in the picturesque botanical Museum Gardens had a restaurant fire. Firefighters were called to serious restaurant fire in the early hours of the morning. There were more than just stars lighting up the sky on Friday. Located in a converted engine house on the scenic banks […]

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Why Do We Need Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems?

According to the National Restaurant Association, over half of restaurant fires start in the kitchen so it is important to ensure that your business is following fire safety regulations to prevent harm to your customers, staff and premises. Specific kitchen fire suppression systems are being required more and more by insurance companies as they recognise […]

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The Unlikely Culprits of Restaurant Fires

A Nottingham restaurant was forced to close after hot tea towels spontaneously combusted causing the premises to catch light. The blaze started at the Crimson Tree restaurant, Sherwood, on Sunday 4th February 2018 after hot tea towels from a tumble dryer were placed together in a basket. The owner of the restaurant said it was […]

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