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The SmokeCloak System Can Reduce Your Losses By Up To 95%

An average break-in lasts 3 to 5 minutes, making it very difficult to catch criminals in the act. The SmokeCloak system provides an effective barrier to protect your goods from being stolen, all within seconds of being activated. 

What is a SmokeCloak System?

A SmokeCloak System is a security fog system which can be a standalone system or linked to your Intruder Alarm. Within seconds of activation, a fog engulfs the space and protects all goods. 

The SmokeCloak system is a proactive measure to stop intruders in their tracks reducing your losses through the break-in.

Who can benefit from a SmokeCloak System?


If you have high valuable areas and are at risk of a break in then a SmokeCloak system is right for you!

Many industries across the UK, are already benefiting from the SmokeCloak System. These industries include:

  Retailers – It’s not only large national chains benefiting from a SmokeCloak system, it’s also becoming more common in smaller retail units

  Jewellers  – From high-end jewellery stores to retail units who also sell jewellery

  Education – Protecting their IT suites 

  Cash Security Services – Whether this is a property or vehicles, they are benefiting from the SmokeCloak System 

  Manufacturers – From protecting their machinery to their stock 

  Banks – Banks are working hard to confine armed robberies to the world of TV dramas by improving their security including installing SmokeCloak Systems

  Warehouses –  From protecting their equipment to their stock 

  And more

What are the advantages of a SmokeCloak system?

1. Stand-alone system – The SmokeCloak system is able to protect your premises without the need for installing additional systems

2. Fast Acting – Protect your area in 0.1 seconds of activation

3. Easy to install and maintain – The installation of a SmokeCloak system causes little disruption to businesses

4. Can be linked to your Intruder Alarm, CCTV and Panic Alarm systems – Upon detection of an intruder, your SmokeCloak system will inject a dense fog in the protected area making it virtually impossible to see

5. Protect specific high-value areas within your business –  Install a SmokeCloak system in areas to suit your requirements such as display cabinet areas, high valuable warehouse areas, safes or even in vehicles

6. Police and Insurance approved 

Check out our flyer on how you can further benefit from a SmokeCloak System here

What are the next steps?

If you’re looking to install a SmokeCloak system, arrange your free site survey today to discuss your SmokeCloak options by calling 0845 402 3045 or email us at


Our calculator below will show you how quick SmokeCloak can protect your premises