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Intruder Alarm Maintenance

Intruder alarm systems should be regularly maintained and have a maintenance contract in place from an approved company. This will ensure your intruder alarm is kept fully operational.

Our Service Team

Our nationwide team of engineers have a high level of customer liaison skills, which means you will receive exceptional customer service. Their skills and expertise are backed up by our in-house team of service coordinators, corrective works coordinators and field line managers, all managed by our service manager to ensure you receive the high quality standard of work you expect.

What Your Maintenance Plan Includes

24 hour Call-Out Facility. Our professional maintenance team are just a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

4 hour response to all call-outs. We can be on-site for any call-out within 4 hours of receiving notification. However, 98% of call-out sites are reached within 2 hours, and a large percentage are dealt with over the phone at no additional cost.

Minor adjustments during inspection.

12 month warranty for additionally fitted equipment.

Free review of your fire and security requirements.

What Does a Maintenance Visit Include?

  • Intruder alarm maintenanceCheck whether the customer has experienced any problems with the system
  • Check mains and stand-by power supplies, including charging rates
  • Check the satisfactory operation of all detection devices
  • Check control unit for correct operation
  • Check and test remote signalling equipment
  • Check all audible warning and alarm devices for correct operation
  • Check the alarm system is fully operational
  • Check operation of keypads and LEDs
  • Repair any minor faults
  • Provide answers to any questions or queries that the customer may have

A service call report sheet will be completed during your maintenance visit, which will record any deficiencies to the system and recommend work required to maintain a fully operational, compliant fire alarm system.

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