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Wireless Intruder Alarms

When Wiring is not an Option

Wiring an alarm system is not always an option so wireless radio intruder alarm systems can provide a great deal of flexibility to clients who have specialist buildings or are constrained as to what building changes they are able to make.

Benefits and Applications of Wireless Intruder Alarms

There are many different application for radio, below are just a few instances where radio can be of great benefit:

  • In buildings which cannot afford the disruption of cabling installed – public buildings which require to be open while new systems are installed.
  • Buildings of historical or heritage importance where the running of cables & containment simply is not an option
  • Refurbishments or building sites where an intruder alarm is required but the existing system has been de-commissioned.
  • Building where a intruder alarm has failed & the need to install a new intruder alarm quickly is essential to keep the occupants safe & the building secure
  • Temporary installations, you can take the intruder alarm system with you, this may also be of use if the occupant of the building is looking at moving in the near future – why leave the system you have paid for, for someone else
  • Radio is quick to install & causes minimum disruption to the occupants & aesthetics of the property – the average detector takes 5 minutes to install as compared with 4-6 hours for a wired system.
  • Battery life can be over 5 years & because the system is constantly monitored for battery fail & verification of the devices status you can be sure of the same reliability & monitoring to that of a hard wired system.

Typical System

  • 1 x Intruder alarm control panel
  • 1 x LCD remote keypad
  • Passive Infra Red Detectors (PIR)
  • Door contact
  • Panic alarms
  • 1 x Internal sounder
  • 1 x External sounder and strobe
  • 1 x External sounder and strobe decoy unit
  • 1 x SSAIB certification

The above system would typical cover from 1 up to 500 + areas for movement detection with movement sensors, panic alarms and door contact.

External warning is given through the internal and external sounders

British Standards of Conformance

As with all our systems the alarm would be installed and maintained to the latest British and European Standards along with conformance to SSAIB, a SSAIB certificate of conformity is issued for every system

Additional detectors (up to 500) can be added to the system, this could be additional door contacts, movement sensors, panic alarms, break glass sensors and many more, see types of detection

The system can be connected to the telephone line to provide remote monitoring of the system, this will ensure a response to your alarm at all times.


Radio can be used in any application, below are small example of where radio has been of particular advantage:

  • Schools
  • Stately Homes
  • Churches
  • Cathedrals
  • Museums
  • Castles
  • Multi building sites
  • Palaces
  • Heritage sites
  • National Trust Sites
  • Building sites
  • Hotels
  • And many more

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