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High Specification Intruder Alarms

high-end2From stately homes to banks and museums, Assured can provide a belts and braces systems to ensure you are protected

Grade 4 Alarm Systems

These systems are usually Grade 4, because of the high value and risk, a specific type of intruder alarm is required, this system is high level security which is monitored day and night and is almost impossible to compromise.

Remote signaling by RedCARE GSM would be in place to ensure a response from the alarm system day and night 24/7

Integration of wireless detection can ensure no unsightly cables are used in difficult areas to wire or in aesthetical areas.

British Standards Alarm Systems

As with all our systems the alarm would be installed and maintained to the latest British and European Standards along with conformance to SSAIB. A SSAIB certificate of conformity is issued for every system

The use of remote wireless panic alarm buttons or fobs allows any user to have a panic alarm on them where in the building they may be, this fob can also remotely set or unset the system from outside the premises, other buttons on the fob can operate doors, CCTV, machinery or other equipment.

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