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Bespoke Intruder Alarms

These are specialist systems which interface with access control, CCTV and building management systems, we can design a system to make your business work smarter.

An intruder alarm can provide more than security of your building and occupants, by interfacing inputs, outputs and software controlled programs you can operate various other systems.

Enjoy More Flexibility with Bespoke Alarms

The system could do the following:

  Be remotely set from anywhere in the world over the internet
  Operate access control doors
  Automatically or remotely lock up a site
  Operate CCTV cameras to move, focus or record
  Switch light and heat system off or on when setting / unsetting the alarm
  Operate barrier, gates or garage doors
  Interface with the fire alarm for remote signaling
  Send reports of who and when the system was set
  Be used as tagging points for guards and patrols
  Monitor external detection and provide a separate bespoke alarm
  Plus any other bespoke application which the client may require

These systems are mainly used in large commercial buildings or a site where integration of other electronic systems is required.

Assured have a wealth of experience in installing and maintaining these systems, we have installed them in business incubation units, factories, laboratories, schools and many more applications.

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