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CCTV Cameras

Static Cameras

Static cameras are fixed with the camera viewing one particular dedicated scene.

PTZ Cameras

PTZ stands for and signifies the camera’s ability to Pan, Tilt and Zoom. This means that the camera can be controlled from a remote location, such as a control room, a keyboard/joystick in an office or in a security watch room.

Dome Cameras

The dome camera is obviously named for its dome shape and is the common security camera you see in businesses and stores.

Bullet Cameras

The name for the bullet camera comes from its resemblance to a rifle bullet – generally long and tapered like a cylinder.

C-Mount Cameras

The advantage of a C-Mount camera is that the lens can be changed.

Other Cameras

Other camera types include:

  • Covert/Spy Camera
  • Vandal Resistant Camera
  • Wireless Camera

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