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Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

We can connect your intruder alarm to our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) via the DualCom or other signalling network. DualCom ensures a secure signaling path for the alarm activations and even if the communications line is attacked or develops a fault, an alarm will be generated at the ARC to let you know of an alarm or communications line failure.

You can connect other alarm systems such as your fire alarm to the ARC. This will not only ensure protection from theft but just as importantly protection from fire.

For just £1 per day you can have the peace of mind that your fire alarm will be responded to 365/24/7.

Who responds to your alarm system? 

You have invested the time & expense of having a state of the art security or fire system installed. When an alarm is activated, who will respond:

  • How many times have you heard an alarm & done nothing about it?
  • How many times does a fire occur at night or out of hours? – most buildings are unoccupied more than occupied.
  • If a fire occurs during hours who will contact the fire brigade, will someone panic & forget or think someone else has done it?
  • Are you & your staff safe from customers or visitors who may become abusive or violent ?

Can you leave it to chance? 

You can’t leave the protection of your property & its contents to chance, to overcome this uncertainty we recommend some form of remote monitoring of your fire & security system is installed, this will guarantee a response should an alarm activation take place.

  • It is important your fire and security systems have remote monitoring; this is an added insurance policy to protect your property and business.
  • For a small fee you can ensure that you are protected 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from fire and theft even if your property is unmanned.
  • Remote monitoring is a preventative insurance policy ensuring that you do not have to make a costly claim which may interrupt your life and business.

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