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Yorkshire Store Left Badly Damaged After Blaze

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue were called to a Currys store at the Great Northern Retail Park after it suffered a huge blaze during Friday 2nd August.

The fire is believed to have started at around 11.15PM. As the firefighters arrived, they found the flames coming through the roof of the building.

The Fire Service had difficulties gaining access to water while attending the incident. A specialist hose laying unit had to be used to access a water hydrant on Leeds Road, while some water was taken from a nearby canal.

Overall 6 fire engines attended using one aerial appliance. Breathing apparatus were then used as firefighters went into the building to check if anyone was inside.

A food warehouse, next door to Currys was also affected by the blaze. Firefighters had to break entry into the premises to check that the fire hadn’t spread.

When it comes to your fire safety, it’s not just your business you need to consider. Neighboring buildings can also be affected if a fire is not extinguished quickly enough.  

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