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York Star Inn the City Restaurant Fire

On Friday 9 November, Star Inn the City, located in the picturesque botanical Museum Gardens had a restaurant fire.

Firefighters were called to serious restaurant fire in the early hours of the morning. There were more than just stars lighting up the sky on Friday.

Located in a converted engine house on the scenic banks of the Yorkshire River Ouse, the Star Inn the City was subject to a fire. Beginning in the restaurant kitchens on the lower floor at around 5 am, the fire spread through the restaurant and up to the roof.

Luckily, a member of the public alerted authorities to the fire at 5.30am. The blaze was subsequently extinguished by 7 am, however, the roof was completed destroyed as a result.

Five firefighting crews including 25 firefighters tackled the blaze, with some remaining onsite to dampen down hotspots.

Thankfully, nobody was injured during the blaze. The Michelin star owner, Andrew Pern, hopes to reopen the restaurant as soon as possible.

Although the fire is not thought to have been started deliberately, with a kitchen suppression system, the extent of the restaurant fire may have been reduced.

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Original Sources: The Yorkshire Post | The Scarborough News

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