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Whisky Firms Face False Alarm Fines

Scottish whisky producers are facing warnings of heavy fines after a number of false alarm call outs in the area. Between April and September this year, fire crews attended the Speyside Glenlivet area 53 times. The area in Scotland is famous for its whiskey distillers.

Local councillor, Gordon McDonald said: “The cost of these false alarms must represent a very significant part of the service’s overall budget in Moray, which impacts on the taxpayer. Speyside Glenlivet has a massively high amount of false alarms, and that has to be through the distilleries there. We will be looking at whether or not this should be a cost to these businesses.”

David Rout, local senior officer said he plans to determine the exact cost of the unnecessary call-outs and will present his findings in the New Year at the next performance update.

Mr Rout adds: “We are acutely aware of the impact of false alarms on the time of our working fire fighters. We currently have no mechanisms in place to charge the businesses responsible for these unwanted calls. We have to assume the cost by our own budgets. But we are developing a new approach to dealing with unwanted fire alarms.”

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