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The £85 Million Westquay Leisure Centre Closures Due To Freezer Fire

Westquay Leisure Centre was evacuated on Saturday 4th August after a small fire from a faulty freezer broke out.

The 85 million pound leisure centre in Southampton was only opened in December of 2016. The complex contains over 130 separate hospitality and leisure businesses. Most of which businesses within near vicinity to the cinema were evacuated upon notification of the fire.

The fire originated from a freezer contained within the Leisure centre’s Showcase Cinema De Lux at approximately 4:30 pm. Damage has since been reported as a result of the sprinkler system after it had not expelled correctly and subsequently caused excess water to be released. Which therefore lead to temporary business closures.

The offending cinema and some affected restaurants were closed for the rest of the Saturday evening but were subsequently reopened on the following Sunday.

Fire services remained on site to investigate the exact cause of the freezer fire well into Saturday evening. Many cinema goers expressed their frustration after waiting hours after the evacuation in the hope that they could return to their screenings.

The Hampshire fire and rescue service (HFRS) reported that thanks to the sprinkler system, the fire was successfully extinguished before the detection system had even alerted the authorities.

Praising the sprinkler system for containing the blaze, HRS released a statement subsequent to the outbreak:

“No one was hurt and crews handed over the building to West Quay management at 20:07”.

Luckily, on this occasion, the sprinkler system put out the fire before it escalated. Would you be so lucky, even with a sprinkler system installed?

It’s important to your people’s safety to have a fire suppression system installed for your hospitality and leisure premises. But it’s also important to your business to keep your systems properly maintained. Call us on 0845 402 3045 for a free quote. Or email  to ensure your people are safe, but also your fire systems are maintained.

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