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Walkers Factory Evacuated After Fire

On Wednesday 17th April, Leicestershire Fire and Rescue service attended an incident at the Walkers factory in Leicester.

The factory was evacuated at 11.30 AM, however the fire was contained within an industrial oven, which was cooled using its integrated system.

The Fire Brigade had two breathing apparatus and one hose reel on standby should the fire have spread and become uncontainable.

A walkers Spokesperson confirmed;

“The fire brigade briefly attended our Bursom Road site this morning. They dealt very quickly with a minor incident and no one was hurt. The site is now up and running again”

Without sufficient fire training, a containable fire can quickly become out of control. It is important that all staff are regularly trained and understand how to safely evacuate the building.

Assured offer a variety of different fire safety training courses. The training is a mixture of desk based and practical exercises that will cover the use of extinguishers, evacuation process and the actions to be taken in the event of a fire.

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