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Tower Block Fire at a High-rise Building in Leeds

A tower block fire at the Poplar Court high-rise building in Bramley occurred early on Tuesday 27 March.

Six fire crews, including 30 firefighters were called in to attend the tower block fire at around 10:30 am yesterday morning.

After escaping their flat from the tower block fire, three residents including a young child have been taken to the local hospital. The three residents have all subsequently been treated for smoke inhalation.

West Yorkshire Fire Service confirmed that all residents were accounted for and that nobody was seriously injured in the flat fire. In addition, fire crews have now successfully put out the fire.

Resident James Taylor, 44, who lives on the ninth floor said: “It was pretty bad. When you see smoke at your window and you see flames cracking your window – it was pretty scary, yes”.

Mr Taylor spoke about how he saw the flames from the below flat, reaching up to his own window after he awoke from sleeping on his sofa. Furthermore, Mr Taylor also then proceeded to enter his bedroom, at which point he realised the fire has broken his window.

Especially relevant, Leeds MP, Ms Reeves repeated her concerns for the tower blocks of Leeds. She emphasises the safety issues, regrettably highlighted in the terrible Grenfell incident.

As a result, the flat mainly affected has been left unlivable. However, other residents have now been allowed back into their undamaged flats. Two fire engines have remained at the tower block as a precaution and to investigate the origin.

The local housing officers from the Leeds City Council are currently exploring the extent of the damage. Those whose flats are in an uninhabitable state are being assisted with emergency accommodation.

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Original Sources: Yorkshire Evening Post | Leeds live | BBC News

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