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Top 5 Worst Retail Thefts since 2014

Did you know, latest figures within the retail sector show growth in all major types of theft and damage? This has seen a 40% increase in incidents, which are largely driven by “customer theft” that accounted for 98% of all types of incidents by numbers. The direct cost of theft to retailers is estimated to be around £700 million per year.

Here is our Top 5 Worst Retail Thefts since 2014

5. Jeweler knocked unconscious in £30,000 raid

Two thieves knocked a jeweler unconscious and stole £30,000 worth of watches, earrings, bracelets and brooches in central London.

The incident occurred during July 2019, it is believed the two thieves waited for the jeweler to return before assaulting him and making off with the stolen items.

4. Armed crooks sentenced following a raid on jewelers

Masked criminals armed with a shotgun and a machete raided a jeweler in Hinckley stealing £80,000 worth of stock in January 2018.

The raid was captured on CCTV as the 3 men escaped in a BMW. However, they crashed down a country lane which eventually led to their capture.

£65,000 worth of jewelry was recovered in some woodland near to the crash.

3. £1 million jewelry robbery

Eight men were sentenced to jail following the theft of £1 million worth of jewelry from Michael Spiers in 2018. The men were armed with weapons including an imitation gun.

The raid lasted around 2 minutes but the gang managed to make off with the substantial haul concealed in black holdalls. The majority of the stolen goods were recovered however a £95,000 ring wasn’t found.

2. £1 million raid on London Jewellers

A London Jewellers was raided in a Hatton Garden-style heist. £1 million worth of gems were stolen in March 2019 after a gang used the London marathon to act as cover.

The raiders broke in through a hidden passageway linked to the store next door. Scotland Yard was still investigating.

1. £1.5 million stolen in ram-raids – October 2019

Five members of an organised criminal network were jailed in October 2019 following a series of ram-raids against shops across Cambridgeshire and surrounding counties.

There were a total of 17 ATM thefts, 23 burglaries and 12 instances of taking a motor vehicle. In total, the group caused £1 million worth of damage to properties and stole £500,000 worth of vehicles and money.

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