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Three NHS Hospitals Fail Fire Safety Checks

Following the Grenfell Tower fire, a number of safety checks have been ordered on high-rise buildings across the UK. Details are starting to emerge of the extent of buildings with unsatisfactory fire safety and unsafe external cladding.

It has recently been found that The Sheffield Children’s Hospital, buildings at the London King’s College Hospital and the North Middlesex Trust have combustible cladding and have therefore failed fire safety inspections.

King’s College Hospital was an office block and so didn’t house patients. The other two however, contained patients but did not keep them in overnight.

Steps have been taken in order to improve safety across all three buildings. 24-hour fire wardens have been introduced in the 3 premises and 16 others have followed suit.

Last week, 38 trusts were identified as being of high risk as they were already known to have been struggling with basic fire standards or had high-rise buildings that had cladding.

Of the ones tested cladding at 11 sites have passed, while the other 19 have been told they do not need to take further action. The rest are awaiting combustibility results.

King’s College hospital has already removed the cladding from its office building as a precautionary measure, while steps are being made at the other two sites to remove it.

A spokeswomen for NHS Improvement said: “Patient safety is paramount. There will be no disruptions to patient services or continuity of care”.

The number of unsafe buildings is still rising since the government ordered fire safety tests to be conducted on all high-rise flats around the country. There is still a 100% failure rate!


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