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Stalybridge Ray Mill Fire, Treated as Potential Crime Scene

Stalybridge Ray Mill was subject to a horrendous fire which occurred at around 11:45 pm on Saturday 17 March. The huge mill fire has left the large-scale building in a state of disrepair.

The Stalybridge Ray Mill fire in Greater Manchester was described at its peak at five stories high. Video footage shows the windows hollowed out and glowing a deep red.

The mill fire was so severe that water supplies to the surrounding areas used in tackling the blaze had been affected. Over 50 firefighters attended the scene to help put out the fire, which left the building as an empty shell.

The severity of the inferno left the building “structurally unsound”, therefore leaving the owner with limit options to its remaining existence. What’s left of the building is, therefore, due to be knocked down.

Surrounding residents were advised to avoid the immediate area and keep all windows and doors closed. A further cordon by authorities was also put into place due to the “extremely dangerous” condition of the building.

The Mill is owned by a business which designs, manufactures and distributes clothing for many retailers, high street and globally. Prior to the incident, the Mill also housed 15 other businesses, all of which were devastated by the Mill fire.

According to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue, the outbreak of the mill fire is being looked into as a potential crime scene. Inquests into the source of the fire has since been reported as suspicious.

At the time of the mill fire, the local town hall commented: “Police and fire officers are investigating as they gain safe access to the building”.

Subsequent to the mill fire, pockets of re-ignited debris are being reported. The local council have announced that it could be anything up to six weeks onwards until the blaze has fully succumbed.

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