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SSAIB Firms to Help Secure Places of Worship Against Hate Crime

Places of worship such as, churches, gurdwaras, mosques and temples are now able to apply for funding for extra security against hate crimes through the Government and the SSAIB. They will be able for funds through the Government Hate Crime Action Plan, which will help provide added security measures to deter hate crimes from happening.

Although, the places of worship will have to contribute 20% of the total cost themselves and the Government will only accept bids for the funding scheme until 5pm on May 29 2017.

The security work must be carried out by a company that has accreditation from the SSAIB, as per the guidelines for the funding.

The funding must be used for security equipment, such as, CCTV, intruder alarms, security doors, external lighting or access control. The funding cannot be put towards hiring security personnel. The amount paid by the government will also include the cost to install the security equipment. However, applicants will not receive financial help with service or maintenance charges.

The Jewish community is not eligible for this scheme, as the Community Security Trust offer a similar commitment to fund Jewish community sites through grants.

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