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Social Housing Company Works With Regulators to Turn Around Breach of Standards

GreenSquare Group had been found to be in breach of the Home Standard by the Regulator of Social Housing. The breaches were due to failing to meet the statutory duty to take precautions to ensure its premises are safe. Including the tenants inside.

After a Fire Risk Assessment, a large number of high priority actions were found. However, GreenSquare failed to act on these for a substantial amount of time. Leaving a large number of tenants at risk.

Concerns regarding the service checks on the lifts, overdue gas safety certificates, and fire issues had been raised by the Fire Risk Assessment.

Since the notice was handed out, Ruth Cooke, interim chief executive of GreenSquare has released the following statement

“We have provided the regulator with assurance that the outstanding gas and lift safety checks and overdue priority actions from the Fire Risk Assessments have all been completed, with work remaining on those that remain”

Due to the assurance and steps in place to rectify the issues. No further action has been taken against GreenSquare by the regulators.

Remember, having an up to date Fire Risk Assessment is only step one. Completing your actions is step two to staying compliant. Don’t take the risk, review your Fire Risk Assessment and the latest findings today.

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