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Shisha Bar Fined £300k for Fire Safety Breaches

The bosses of a Manchester based shisha bar have been ordered to pay £300k to the authorities. Wali Yaqub and Tajamal Khan ran the Oasis lounge which repeatedly breached fire safety regulations. The breaches included:

  • No working fire alarm at the premises
  • Barrels of diesel, bags of rubbish and cardboard boxes blocking fire escapes

Both bosses continually ignored warnings to resolve the problems and both were jailed in 2013 for their failings. Now the authorities want to go after the thousands they made from the business while putting customers’ lives at risk. Mr Yaqub, who is currently serving 27 months in jail was ordered to pay £138,000 and a further £9,000 in costs. Mr Khan, who served 14 months in jail was ordered to pay £171,000 and £6,000 in costs. If they fail to pay both will face more jail time.

Peter O’Reilly, County Fire Officer, said: “This has been a landmark case for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and should send a clear message to those who put the public at risk that crime does not pay. It has taken over four years to finalise this case because Yaqub and Khan repeatedly failed to accept responsibility for their actions and continued with a web of deceit. GMFRS will support legitimate businesses to meet their obligations but will continue to pursue those who gamble with the lives of others to line their own pockets.”

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