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Sheffield Hospital Wing Closed on Fire Safety Grounds will Cost NHS £122m Under PFI

The Northern General Hospital building was originally shut down in December 2018, on fire safety grounds, after fire officers ordered the closure until remedial works were completed.

The hospitals Hadfield wing was opened in 2007, under a private finance initiative (PFI) contract by Kajima before a majority stake was later sold to HICL in 2011.

Overall costs of the PFI contract is going to cost £122m. This is over £96m more than the original cost of the building.

The NHS in England alone provides care to 1 Million people every 36 hours, while running on a limited budget.

It is essential to keep buildings compliant with fire safety laws to avoid them being closed due to safety breaches. Out of use rooms will limit the care available to patients, potentially putting their health and recovery at risk.

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