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Retail Park Robbery at Oak Furniture Store

A break-in was reported from a furniture shop in Cardinal Point Retail Park in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The retail park break-in occurred on Tuesday 4th December at an Oak Furnitureland furniture store.

The thieves had made forcible entry by smashing the glass in the shopfront’s windows and door. Details of how the glass front was smashed open have not yet been released.

Staffordshire Police received the report of the incident at 7.45am on the Tuesday. However, further details of when the break-in had potentially occurred had also been announced:

 “It is believed that the break-in occurred between 5.30pm on December 3 and 7am on December 4.”

Despite the extensive damage done to the shop front, thieves only managed to make off with a Television unit.

Although the break-in affected the shop front, Oak Furnitureland were fortunate enough to keep the store open the following day.

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Original Sources: Birmingham Mail

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