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Restaurant Loses Over £1,000 After False Alarm Activation

Around 50 diners left Panam Restaurant & Bar, Liverpool without paying after a faulty system triggered the fire alarm during July 2019.

On Tuesday 2nd July the restaurant was evacuated after a faulty system triggered all the fire alarms on the waterfront of Liverpool Albert Dock.

Customers were told to leave for their own safety while the alarm was activated. However CCTV footage showed some did not return after the incident.

It is believed that the restaurant lost over £1,000 after the evacuation. The diners that returned had their meals recooked costing an estimated £300 with a further £740 lost in unpaid bills.

Since the incident, the faulty system has sounded several more times, however the restaurant has avoided a full scale evacuation.

As fire alarm systems get older, they become increasingly more unreliable and prone to failure.

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