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Reported Hotel Fires of 2019, so far.

Did you know in the 12 months leading to April 2019, there were 613 fires within Hotels, B&B’s and other sleeping accommodation.

As a hotel manager, we understand you want to keep your people and premises safe. Fires can affect any part of a hotel and can be started in a variety of ways, so therefore we thought we’d let you know of an overview of fires that have affected hotels during 2019.

Here is an overview of Fires within hotels during 2019

Marton Hotel and Country Club

Firefighters battled the fire at the abandoned hotel on Thursday 13th June with Footage showing thick black smoke billowing from the rear of the building.

Witnesses told the Evening Gazette that the fire was concentrated in the area where the ballroom was situated. As a result of the fire Marton Road was closed in both directions. Northbound traffic was diverted on to the A174 Parkway while the Fire Brigade extinguished
the blaze.

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Manor House Hotel

Guests and staff had to be evacuated from a popular hotel during the early hours of Tuesday 2nd April, after a large fire broke out at Manor House Hotel in Alsager, Stoke-On-Trent.

Four fire crews from Alsager, Crew, Congleton and Staffordshire attended the incident. Which originated at 5.47AM, from within the kitchen area. Fire crews then extinguished the fire using breathing apparatus and extended hose reels.

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Shedden Hall Hotel

The former family run hotel suffered a devastating fire in June 2019 after an arson attack. More than 50 Firefighters attended the blaze, which was already well alight when they got there. The only remaining remnant of the hotel was its burnt frontage.

Due to the fire there were reports of ash falling from the building nearly a mile away as well as the smell of something burning reported almost 2 miles away from the fire.

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