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Ram-Raids Force Sheffield Store to Close Down

After being targeted 6 times in 4 months, including 2 ram-raids, menswear store Harrison has been forced to close during March 2019.

The latest incident took place on the 14th March 2019. During which ram-raiders broke through the shutters to steal items of clothing

Harrison, which opened in 1987, stocks high end brands including Hugo Boss and Paul Smith. Some coats cost between £800 – £1000 per item.

Owner John Harrison, stated

“Since 8th December 2018, we have had six serious robberies, one which was cutting a massive hole in the building – it has just been incessant and enough is enough really. We feel we just can’t continue under those pressures”

Latest figures show the frequency of ram-raids are rising by 22% each year and currently cost the retail sector £8m per year

There is no guarantee you can’t be a victim of a ram-raid. However, check out our top 5 tips to reduce your risks here.

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