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Ram-Raiders Target 2 shops in Leicester

A ram-raid gang targeted 2 shops in Leicester during the early hours of Saturday 20th April. Laburnum Express and Binda’s Superstore were targeted at 1 AM and 3 AM.

During both incidents, a van was driven into the shops security shutters with sufficient force to break them open. Two men then smashed their way into the stores while a third man waited in the van.

The men emerged moments later with lottery scratch cards and tills. It is thought that with both incidents, the robbery lasted a couple of minutes from the van forcing entry to the intruders leaving.

Kunal Patel, owner of Laburnum Express is quoted

“It looks like it’s the same people both times and that makes you worry they will do this again to someone else. Both times they did the same thing to get in and took the same things and they were in the shop for no more than a minute.”

Both stores are now facing a large repair bill which is estimated to be between £3,000 and £4,000.

Joga Singh, owner of Binda’s Superstore stated

“They drove the van at the shop and caused all this damage to the shutter and the door. It’s going to cost up to £3,000 to repair the damage these people have caused.”

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Original Source: Leicester Mercury

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