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SmokeCloak Prevents Serious Crime

A shocking ram raid occurred on London road, Sheffield around 3PM on the 9th January using a stolen van. CCTV images show the stolen vehicle plowing into the store window, twice.

Luckily The Chapel Jewellers had significant security measures in place to protect their high-value stock. Not only did they have CCTV in place but they also had a SmokeCloak system. Due to the security in place, the thief left empty-handed.

CCTV captured the incident, where the SmokeCloak can be seen quickly activating and filling the premises with smoke to prevent the thieves from stealing anything. The CCTV footage shows the shop filling with smoke within 20 seconds of the incident, protecting the stock inside as the driver leaves the scene.

Intruder Alarms alert you of break-ins while CCTV captures the incidents in action however the SmokeCloak activates within 0.1 seconds of a break in forcing intruders off the premises.

SmokeCloak systems release a non-toxic fog protecting valuables and can reduce your losses by up to 95%. The Chapel Jewellers certainly benefited from installing a SmokeCloak during this break-in. Check out our top 6 reasons how a SmokeCloak system could protect your business.

Is your premises secure? Would thieves leave empty-handed? CCTV, Intruder Alarms and SmokeCloak systems reduce your risk of business crime.

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