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Post Office Thief, Jailed Using CCTV Evidence.

The post office theft of over £100,000 occurred at a Spar post office store in Prestatyn this January.

The thief was actually the post office manager himself, who subsequently went on the run in an attempt to evade police. Justin Faddes had been working as the post office manager since April 2017 and was the only person with access to the safe, which contained 2 years’ worth of profit.

CCTV footage of Faddes leaving the post office showed he was the last person to leave the shop. Additionally, the CCTV images show Faddes with a large carrier bag over his shoulder, thought to have contained the money.

Subsequent to Faddes taking the post office earnings, he left a note inside the safe apologising for his theft. After not returning to work the following morning, Faddes went on the run using false names, living in various hotels.

After time on the run, and leading a lonely life as a fugitive, Faddes then handed himself into the authorities. Admitting that after his girlfriend left him, he later made the “selfish decision” steal the money to aid his fresh start.

Furthermore, the court heard defendant Sarah Yates, say that:

“He had acted out of character and it was clear he had drinking and gambling issues”.

However, this did not deter the courts and the 27-month sentence in which Faddes was given.

After his capture, in a court hearing, Faddes admitted to believing the post office was insured and also said he donated £50,000 of the cash to a homeless person in Liverpool. However, according to sources, CCTV also showed that this was a lie.

Luckily the CCTV footage helped this post office catch their thief. Would you have the same concrete evidence through the use of CCTV footage?

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Original Source: BBC News

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