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Pharmacy Held at Knifepoint Robbery

An armed robbery took place on Monday 4th June at a Pharmacy in Workington, in West Cumbria.

Moorclose pharmacy was targeted in what has been described as a “terrifying” armed robbery. The implement used in the robbery was a six-inch knife and the theft was carried out by a masked robber.

Authorities identified the masked thief who was later remanded in custardy and summoned to Carlisle Crown Court in later July.

The persecutor, Carl McGlasson, a qualified social worker and father-of-three committed the knife-point crime in order to steal the pharmacy’s full stock of pain relief drug ‘oxycodone’.

McGlasson initially denied involvement in the masked robbery, however later admitted to the offence, using his opiate addiction as a defence for the robbery.

Andrew Cameron, the pharmacist on duty at the time of the incident took action. Cameron grabbed the offending blade to disarm McGlasson and subsequently alerted authorities and informed the police.

McGlasson was finally prosecuted on Thursday 27th September for three separate charges. McGlasson was charged with ‘robbery, having a bladed article in public and going equipped for theft with a face-covering, knife and hammer’.

The Judge, Adkin who prosecuted McGlasson, remarked that the robbery would have:

“Completely and utterly terrified anybody who had the misfortune to witness it.”

With Michael Gale, the Detective Constable commenting:

“This was a horrifying ordeal that the staff at this local friendly pharmacy had to endure and had a huge impact on the tight-knit community of Moorclose.”

As a result of the crimes committed, McGlasson has been sentenced to 51 months in prison.

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