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Asbestos Riddled Nightclub Fire in Glasgow City Centre

A raging nightclub fire broke out on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow early Thursday morning. Firefighters were praised for their prompt response to the affected Victoria’s nightclub fire at around 08:20 am on March 22.

Assistant Chief Officer Lewis Ramsay described the nightclub fire as a “blowtorch” and that “they were beaten back by the heat and the flames and a really rapid spread”.

Nearby residents were advised to keep all windows and doors closed due to the smoke spread. Other tenants who live in close vicinity to the nightclub were also evacuated from their properties. Sauchiehall and other surrounding streets were immediately cordoned after authorities arrived at the scene.

Local resident Daniel Harte told Assured: “I could see the black smoke clouds coming out from the building from my flat window and rumours are that the building was filled with asbestos”.

Due to the confirmed presence of asbestos in addition to the burning fumes, firefighters were all wearing breathing apparatus. Around 120 firefighters and over 20 fire appliances including a high reaching aerial apparatus aided in putting out the raging inferno.

Authorities were concerned for the protection of the treasured 114-year-old Pavilion Theatre building close to where the fire was ablaze. The Theatre had to cancel its showing for last night’s Scottish Opera performance.

The blaze has since been contained after complex processes of action due to extensive spreading onto other “older tenement-style buildings”. Ramsay described it as “a really complicated fire” however they “managed to protect and save some iconic premises” in the surrounding area.

Although surrounding buildings were saved, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service commented that the whole nightclub building was affected throughout.

Officers were relieved to announce that nobody was injured and that there were no casualties during the huge nightclub fire. As a precaution, fire services are estimated to remain in the affected area for a further few days.

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