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London Hotel Fire at the Mandarin Oriental

A London hotel fire was reported just before 16:00 BST on Wednesday 6th June. It was later announce to be the luxury five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge, subject to flames.

The London hotel fire brought mass panic to guests and bystanders in one of the busiest areas of central London.

Occurring only one year after the Grenfell tower tragedy, many people in the surrounding area were on high alert after seeing the plumes of smoke coming from the multi-storey hotel.

Station manager, Pam Oparaocha commented:

“The smoke from this large fire was very visible across central London this afternoon and we received a number of emergency calls”.

The London hotel fire resulted in a complete evacuation of 286 members of staff and guests including singer Robbie Williams. A total of 20 fire engines in addition to over 120 firefighters were called to the hotel to extinguish the blaze.

Emergency services covered the London hotel fire, including police, ambulances and helicopters, although, thankfully no deaths or injuries were reported.

Witnesses described seeing embers falling from the sky from the unfortunate London hotel fire, singer Robbie Williams commented:

“I went on the balcony and looked up and there was just billows and billows of smoke.

“I came back in from the balcony and said, ‘The hotel’s on fire.'”

“Then the next thing a knock at the door came and there was a bellboy there and they said, ‘Get out’.”.

Another eyewitness, Penelope Evans, who was shopping in Harrods department store opposite, after it too was evacuated, described the fire:

“I saw all this black smoke coming from the sky, it was covering everything and the smell was horrendous,”

“It was like people were in shock, everyone immediately just started leaving the street and the area.

“After Grenfell, I feel like people are a lot more on edge about these things, people just wanted to get out.”

The high-end, 116-year-old hotel had unfortunately only just undergone an extensive multi-million-pound renovation, bringing it back to its timeless elegance. The Mandarin Oriental chain had announced the completion of the restoration only one week before the outbreak.

Reports from the fire brigade announced that the fire was extinguished quickly, despite having ripped through several floors. However, the London Fire Brigade remained on scene into the night for precautionary measures.

A full investigation into the origin of the fire and the full extent of the damage is currently underway.

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