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Man Jailed after £18,000 Theft from York Jewellers

A 27 year old male has been jailed in March 2019 after pleading guilty to theft and dangerous driving, he received a 3 year sentence along with a 5 and a half year driving ban.

During January 2019, he entered a Jewellers in York, pretending to be purchasing a Rolex. After discussions with staff he left with 3 stolen high value watches worth around £18,000.

While investigations were underway, North Yorkshire police recognised a man driving who fit the description of the suspect. Who then subsequently sped off, as soon as he realised the police had seen him.

The suspect drove at speed towards the A1. While being followed by North Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Police and the National Police Air Service (NPAS). In his attempt to escape, he frequently drove on the wrong side of the road, before being involved in a head on collusion and finally arrested nearby.

Distraction theft is not uncommon, we recently published a story about how an Estate Agent was robbed in a distraction theft.

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