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Mackintosh School of Art, Destroyed by Flames Twice in 4 Years

Mackintosh School of Art in Glasgow was completely gutted by fire, just after 11 pm on Friday 15th June.

Whilst only midway through the restoration project from a previous fire, the unlucky building was struck by fire again, just four years later. The previous fire which affected the Mackintosh School of Art library had already cost funders millions of pounds in repair work.

Internationally known by its ‘new style 20th-century architecture’, the Mackintosh School of Art encored the second fire, late on Friday night. Over 120 firefighters and 20 fire engines were deployed to the large-scale fire. Of which 8 appliances remained on scene until Monday.

Luckily, the fire occurred literally a day after the Glasgow School of Art student Graduations. However, not only was the Mackintosh School of Art affected, the O2 ABC next door has been heavily burned. The once green roof, now grey with ash has been completely wrecked and has fallen inward.

Furthermore, the fire spread onto other nearby buildings including ‘The Campus’ nightclub, a music venue which was also evacuated upon alarm. Other businesses in the surrounding area have also been affected by a cautionary cordon which has been put in place.

Thankfully, everybody in the vicinity was safely evacuated and no casualties have been reported as a result of the fire.

The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association remarked that the automatic fire sprinkler system had not been fully fitted. They also stated that:

“Sprinklers can be fitted in buildings throughout construction on a temporary basis, as there is a considerable risk from fire during this period.”

Subsequent investigations into the origin of the fire as expected to be extensive.

David McGown the Assistant Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Services, told the BBC:

“We really want people to understand it will be a lengthy investigation, that is solely for the reason of establishing exactly what happened. We will want to gain as full a picture as possible.

“People are clearly wanting answers, very very early, we want to uncover those answers as early as possible as well.”

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Original Sources: BBC News | The Guardian | FIA UK

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