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Masked Machete Gang Commit a Series of Liverpool Robberies on Bars, Restaurants and Pubs

A series of Liverpool robberies in various bars, pubs and restaurants have been targeted by a group of men wearing skull masks and armed with machetes, knives and hammers.

The Liverpool robberies have been committed by masked men, terrorising bars, pubs and restaurants across Liverpool and Merseyside with weapons including a machete. Targeting businesses at their closing times, the armed masked men have been threatening staff to hand over cash sums.

One female member of staff from Liverpool’s Frankie and Bennies was aggressively pushed to the floor in order to get the cash.

Another robbery at the Sakara restaurant on Aigburth Road, where the thieves threatened another female member of staff with a knife prior to stealing cash, the premises keys and bank cards occurred.

Luckily, there have been no official injuries in the series of robberies, however many members of staff from each of the affected business have been ‘shaken up’.

The final incident to have occurred by this Merseyside machete gang was at the Tipsy Monkey restaurant on Liverpool Road. The final robbery of a considerable sum of cash began at 12:55 am on Saturday 7th July.

Tipsy Monkey restaurant owner, George Tudor-Williams commented:

“Three guys came in just as the shutters were coming down, taking our takings from over the night.

“It was over very quickly, they were in and out within 45 seconds. They had their faces covered, hoods up and gloves on.

“The only thing that matters is that our staff were safe, that’s all we care about.

“They are just coming in for cash, that’s the scary part. They are doing this for nominal, nominal amounts of money”.

In each of the Liverpool robberies, offenders have been dressed in dark clothing. The criminals covered their faces using balaclava type hoods and skull masks in addition to gloves in order to conceal fingerprints. The suspects have been described as having Liverpool accents and have been seen subsequently jumping into a light coloured 4×4 vehicle. In most cases, the thieves have been entering each premise through unlocked front doors.

The robberies have consequently led to the arrest of a total of 5 people. Four male men and a woman between the ages of 17 to 33 years old have been detained. As a result of their actions, the thieves are all being held and are currently all in question.

Police have since released a series of CCTV footage (see image above) in relation to each of the robberies.  Any further information anybody may have regarding the robberies is also being sought.

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Original Sources: Merseyside Police | The Liverpool Echo | Capital FM

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