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A Lucky Escape in Flat Fire that leaves Property Inhabitable

At around 12:48 pm Essex County Fire & Rescue were called to a flat fire in Leigh on Sea.

Firefighters were called to a flat fire at a block of flats where two people had been sleeping and as a result of sensory deficits, one was unaware of the blazing building.

Most of the residents remained inside the building, although, some evacuated as a precaution. Firefighters successfully tackled the blaze and extinguished the fire at 1:30 pm. The flat was subsequently ventilated, however, due to the amount of fire and smoke damage authorities have determined the flat ‘uninhabitable’.

The resident neighbouring the flat alight, who wishes to remain anonymous, described waking up to the scene:

“I could see the flames from outside and all the windows went black with smoke and cracked.”

The resident living next door to the flat alight share that he is deaf in one ear and cannot smell. Therefore, was lucky to have had a friend staying over, fearing the worst may have happened if otherwise.

Luckily, the resident in the flat where the fire was contained, was not in at the time of the incident. However, due to the uninhabitable state of the flat, the resident has now been transferred to temporary accommodation. The resident will be able to return after all the damage has been repaired.

The first floor flat fire, which originated in the airing cupboard of a single flat of the block, caused damages to the entire block. Residents were advised to not return to their property until fully ventilated, later that day.

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Original sources: Essex Fire & Rescue | Echo

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