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Liverpool Fire – Littlewoods Pools Building in Flames

The Liverpool fire engulfed the famous Art deco style building on Sunday 2nd September.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue service were alerted to the Liverpool fire at around 19:52 pm. The iconic Littlewoods Pools building, a famous Liverpool landmark was aflame.

The extent of the Liverpool fire required 50 firefighters, six fire engines and 3 aerial appliances to quell the flames. Luckily, only the roof and upper floor of one wing of the building were seriously affected by the fire.

Constructed in 1938, the Littlewoods Pools Building had various uses throughout the years. From being a manufacturing premise of barrage balloons in World War Two to the home of the football pools in later years.

Unfortunately, the artistic landmark had been derelict since 2003. However, untimely plans of a renovation for the Liverpool Littlewoods Pools building were made. The building was prearranged in order to utilise it as a film and TV studio complex, 12 weeks prior to the fire.

Liverpool’s Mayor, Joe Anderson tweeted regarding the Littlewoods Pools Liverpool fire:

“Absolutely heartbreaking news that the iconic Littlewoods Building is ablaze, looks pretty bad at this stage, let’s hope and pray it’s salvageable”.

After firefighters worked tirelessly through the night, spreading onto the other wings of the building was prevented and the fire pockets were eventually put out. The fire was finally under control at 1:30 am the next morning.

Thankfully, there have been no injuries reported as a result of the Liverpool fire and the structural integrity of the building remains stable. Therefore a full investigation into the exact cause of the Littlewoods Pools fire is currently underway.

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