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Landlords Fined for Fire Safety Failings

This month there have been numerous cases of landlords breaching fire safety regulations and as a result facing detrimental fines. Mr Gary Fixter from Yorkshire faces a £24,000 fine and a further £18,000 in costs after breaching 18 fire safety rules. Including; failing to maintain internal fire doors, failing to provide suitable fire detection and failing to routinely test the fire alarm. The local council branded Mr Fixter “despicable” after he was found guilty at court.

Last week, a Hull landlord was also fined for fire safety failings after an inspection revealed fire safety breaches. Mr David Reid faces a fine of over £1000 after finding the fire escapes in the flats were obstructed and in need of repair. The council sent numerous requests to Mr Reid to carry out the necessary improvement works but unfortunately he continued to ignore these orders. John Black, of Hull City Council tells landlords that “they will always work with them to resolve any failings before resorting to legal action. However, if the landlord fails to make the property safe or ignores our intervention, then we will prosecute.”

On Monday this week, Mr Ikram Mohammed Qutab from Boston was fined £15,000 for putting tenants at risk. Mr Qutab owns two properties, the Red Cow Hotel and the Great Northern which collectively breached 7 fire safety regulations. These breaches included; failing to fit fire doors and failing to suitably maintain fire escapes, internal fittings and smoke detectors. Councillor Michael Cooper, of Boston Borough Council reminds landlords that this “sends a clear message to those prepared to ignore or take a chance with fire safety rules.”

Nothing is more important than the safety of your visitors and your staff. Do you require a Fire Risk Assessment carrying out or updating? Why not give us a call on 0845 402 3045 and we’ll be happy to advise you further. Alternatively, you can read more about Fire Risk Assessments here.

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