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Offender Caught on CCTV After Second Hotel Theft

After two hotel break ins in Bournemouth on July 25 and August 4, a CCTV image was released and an arrest has taken place.

On July 25, the first theft took place, a large sum of money was stolen from the Hotel Riviera, West Cliff Gardens.

The perpetrator had gained access through the kitchen and made his way to the bar. He casually opened up the till and took the available bar cash.

On August 4, a second robbery took place at Tower House Hotel, West Cliff Gardens.

On this occasion, the thief helped himself to a room key from behind the reception desk.After making his way through the hotel, the offender then gained unlawful access to the bedroom and stole a guest’s purse.It was later discovered that cards from the acquired purse, were used to withdraw over £1,500 from the victim’s accounts.

Due to the proactive installation of a CCTV system, Investigators were able to take full advantage of the CCTV images issued by the hoteliers and increased their chances of identifying the intruder.

In light of the CCTV evidence, a 38 year old male was prosecuted for a series of crimes, including theft.

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Original Source: ITV news | Bournemouth Echo | Dorset Police News

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