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Pets Rescued during Hotel and Pub Fire as Smoke Covers the Street

Firefighters called to a severe hotel and pub fire in Bridlington on Wednesday 17th October.

The hotel and pub fire completed destroyed Londesborough Hotel on West Street in Bridlington earlier last week.

The alarm was raised to Humberside Fire and Rescue at 1:40 pm. Seven fire engines including thirty firefighters were immediately deployed to tackle the serious blaze.

The hotel and pub fire located in the town centre sent shock throughout Bridlington.

One local resident commented:

“It’s a bit of a shock, this kind of thing hardly ever happens.”

Smoke could be seen from the Bridlington harbour and West Street itself was described as “pitch black with smoke”:

“The flames were really high and you couldn’t see to the end of the road, it was pitch black with smoke. It was really bad.”

A volunteer from Kingfisher Homeless café nearby alerted the hotel and pub to the fire above them before notifying the pet shop next door to subsequently work to rescue the animals at danger.

Luckily, no humans or animals were reported as injured during the hotel and pub fire. However, power was turned off to a number of premises surrounding the incident and cordons were put into place on the road.

Unfortunately, as a result of the fire, the hotel roof and flat above has been completed destroyed.

The origin of the fire was speculated to have begun in the flat above the pub. It was later disclosed that the flat above belonged to the pub manager and was undergoing renovations. However, Humberside Police have reported the incident as a potentially deliberate and are currently investigating the cause.

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Original Sources: HullLive | Yorkshire Coast Radio

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