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Hospital left without power after Electrical Fire

A major incident at a hospital in Southampton left patients, staff and two hospitals without power.

On the 28th November, the Southampton General and Princess Anne hospital were both without power after a small fire affected the electricity.

Due to the areas affected by the fire, the emergency generators were also affected.

Patients were declared safe and cared for, however, the hospital hallways were subject to the darkness with lack of power.

A statement was released by the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust:

“We were able to keep our inpatients safe through battery back-up of vital equipment.”

Seven fire crews and engines were sent from the Hampshire Fire and Rescue service to extinguish the blaze.

The fire broke out in an electrical room, which subsequently caused the power failure.

As a result of the power cut, the two hospitals in Southampton had to delay operations. Therefore, patients were turned away for routine or non-urgent issues, unless critical and ambulances were sent to other surrounding hospitals.

The hospital power supplies were returned after around seven hours later, however, delays were still endured to procedures as a result.

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Original Sources: Telegraph | BBC News

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