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Hostel Fire Leaves Homeless in a Dilemma

A £2million hostel was subject to fire, smoke and water damage after an incident which occurred on February 14th.

The blaze occurred last month at the Leonard Stocks Centre on Factory Row, Devon. The hostel fire began at around 8:30 pm, resulting in uncertainty for homeless residents, who subsequently had to be rehomed.

Around 40 hostel stayers, including 13 homeless people were evacuated from the Torquay hostel after the fire broke out in one of the rooms. Three fire appliances were deployed and a man had to be rescued and led out of the building by Devon and Somerset Fire Services.

The fire services arrived at the flat which was found to be thick with smoke. It had been thought that the source of the fire began after someone had been illegally smoking within the hostel.

Upon the fire being detected, the sprinkler system was also activated. Thankfully, the chief officer announced that everyone was accounted for and nobody was injured during the fire.

A spokesperson from the Torbay Council, Shekinah and Westward Housing commented that “without this sprinkler system in a purpose-made building, this fire would have been a lot more serious”… “Rooms can be replaced, but luckily nobody was hurt”.

Emergency sleeping arrangements were made on the night of the hostel fire. However, some residents have been unable to return to the hostel due to the inhabitable state of their rooms. Consequently, these homeless citizens have now been rehoused.

The spokesperson suggested that “the damage is likely to run into thousands of pounds” and that the landlord aims to get the rooms back into action as soon as possible.

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Original Sources: Torbay Council, GOV UK | Devon Live

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