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HMO Landlord Hit With £2k Fine After Failing Fire Safety Duties

A landlord has been fined £2,000 following fire safety breaches at a HMO in Birmingham during August 2019

Officers originally visited the HMO in November 2018. Finding no interlinked fire alarm, fire doors or fire blankets and a lack of fire separation in the building.

The property is the first to be punished under new civil penalty regulations in Birmingham. The council updated its policy earlier this year, allowing them the power to issue penalties of up to £30,000.

Sharon Thompson, cabinet member for homes and neighbourhoods stated;

“HMO properties have a massive role to play in providing affordable housing to people in Birmingham, particularly as we are in the midst of a national housing crisis.

However, these properties must also meet building and fire safety standards, be properly regulated, appropriately licensed and ultimately provide good quality housing for citizens”

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