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Historic Hotel Destroyed by Fire

Shedden Hall Hotel suffered a devastating fire during June 2019. The historic hotel can be traced back to the early part of last century, however it could now be in its final chapter.

The hotel is no stranger to fires and disasters having been bombed during the Second World War which blew the windows out and during the 70s the hotel suffered another fire after an electric fire was knocked over.

Thankfully the latest fire had no reported injuries due to the building being empty. More than 50 firefighters attended the incident that started at around 7 AM.

It was reported that controlled burning was being carried out by contractors on site immediately before the major fire broke out.

It is unclear if this was the ignition of the fire but the incident quickly escalated.

Ash was reported to be falling almost 1 mile away from the hotel. People were also able to smell the burning building approximately 2 miles away.

As a precaution, a block of flats was evacuated while the fire was brought under control. The residents later returned during the evening.

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